Villa weddings can be an option for holding weddings, especially if you have trouble getting a wedding hall. Because it is not uncommon for wedding venues in hotels or buildings to be fully booked from one year earlier. Besides that, getting married in a Wedding villa bali also provides many benefits, such as the following. Check out the full review.

Benefits of getting married in a villa

No Need to Think About Lodging for Families

If you are married in a building, of course the estimated time from house to venue needs to be considered. Not to mention the vehicles and places to stay for families that are close to the wedding hall also need to be considered. This is of course different if you choose to get married in a villa, you don’t have to bother and bother thinking about it.

Because your family is right at the wedding ceremony, the vehicle and place to stay are already one package with the villa rental fee. The budget for vehicles and lodging for your family can be transferred to your household savings and that of your partner later when the wedding has been held.

Save more

For those of you who want to save more on reception fees, then doing an event at a Wedding villa bali is the right choice. The cost to rent a villa is certainly cheaper than the building rental price. Even though they both have the same price, the villa will still be more economical because the rental price includes the cost of the stay.

More Private

Some people who choose to get married in a villa are generally motivated by their reasons, who want a more private wedding. Because the event at the villa only allows you to invite dozens of people, so that the invited guests who attend are the people closest to you and your partner.

Can Choose Morning, Afternoon or Evening Reception at the Same Cost

The price you have to pay will be different if you choose to hold the event in the morning, afternoon, or evening. If you choose to get married in a villa, this is not the case. You can determine whether you want to hold a wedding in the morning, afternoon, or evening according to your wishes and wedding concept.

Not Limited to the Length of Reception

Another advantage that you can get when holding an event at a Wedding villa bali is that your event will not be limited in time. Unlike the reception in the building, which is generally given a rental limit and the average is only about 8 to 9 hours. Where the 8 to 9 hour time also includes decoration, loading goods, and cleaning up.

Getting married at a villa wedding does have many advantages, but you still need to be careful when choosing that villa. We recommend that you choose a villa that is not fake like The Surga Villa Estate, which offers complete facilities. With maximum service and facilities, your wedding ceremony will be perfect at The Surga ( ).

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